Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Making a coat rack using doorknobs Amanda emailed me asking if I could show a step by step on how this is done. First remove the doorknobs from the doors. Found these up in my barn and could not believe there were four matching knobs, bonus!

You need to cut the steel bar that joins the glass knobs in half. A little tricky but you just need the right saw and make sure you wear eye protection.

Measure where you want the knobs on the board. Spread them out evenly and then drill your holes into the wood,  make sure the drill bit is NOT to big, the steel rod will have to fit very tight, or the knob will fall out. 

I then attached the circular back plates to the board, you would not have to add these but it gives it more charm.


I Painted the board, and don't forget the back of the knobs.

Whats left is to push the knobs in the drilled holes,  and your done. 

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